Who is Matthew our language assistant?

A few weeks ago, we met our language assistant in a half-group, we had the opportunity to ask him questions about him.

Our language assistant is called Stern Matthew. He was born on the second of December nineteen ninety nine therefore he is twenty years old .

He was born in London which is the capital of the United Kingdom so he is British . He is also half Australian because his father is from Australia.

In France Matthew teaches English and in London he teaches tennis. He is a student at Bath University.

He has a seventeen-year-old sister. Her name is Olivia. And he hasn’t any brothers.

His father, who is fifty six years old is a lawyer and his mother, who is the same age, works for the Sky channel.

Matt is fond of football, he supports Chelsea. He also enjoys playing golf, running and playing tennis. His favourite sports brand is Adidas.

He can’t stand homework and any kind of work . Matthew hates drinking soda. His favourite Tv series is Friends.

During his spare time, he goes to see his friends and hangs out in pubs.

He has already traveled to Australia, Britain, the Usa, France, Italy and Corsica.

Matt likes McDonald’s. And he hasn’t got a girlfriend !!