Welcome to Sugarland

Sugarland is a documentary which talks about the effects of sugar on our body and the society.

In the movie, we follow the Australian Damon Gameau, the filmmaker and main actor.

For a sixty days experiment he has a diet high in sugar : he only eats what is supposed to be healthy food. With the help of doctors and scientists, he shows us the risks and the consequences of eating too much sugar on our health and mind. In the documentary we learn that we shouldn’t eat more than 30g of sugar a day whereas on average the Australians eat 40g a day. To realize how much sugar 40g is, he doesn’t hesitate to pour some sugar on his plate and eat it.

Damon also goes to a town in the USA where he meets a dentist and a teenager who needs all his rotten teeth removed because he drinks too much soda (about 8 cans a day).

At the end of the experiment he gained 8 kilos, he started to have a fatty liver disease, lost attentiveness and endurance as well.

To conclude, sugar has an important impact on our body so you should watch this movie to stop damaging your health !

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