True Story talks about a jounalist Michael Finkle who works for The New York Times.


One day, he gets fired because he lied about his last article.

Afterwards, he discovers that Chris Longo, a criminal who has been accused of the murder of his wife and his 3 children, pretended to be him for a while.

Mike decides to meet the prisoner in jail and starts to be very interested in his story,

he wants to write a book about his life to prove him innocent.

At some point, a policeman comes to talk with Mike to know more about the accused,

He doesn’t tell him anything because he wants to believe Chris is innocent.

However, when Chris’s trial starts, the investigators show the proof that they have found

and declare Chris guilty for having killed his family.

Mike, who trusted him so much is furious because Chris used, lied and betrayed him.


This movie highlights an important aspect of journalism : the truth is more important than anything.

A journalist MUST NOT LIE.

It denounces the consequences of the lack of information. Indeed, it leads to give false information and to deceive people.

As you can see, the truth is one of the most important values in journalism. So when, a journalist writes an article, he must always  check the information to not mislead the readers.

Therefore, you should do the same : have the habit to check whatever you are looking for so you will not not confuse people who are listening to you.

Be ware what you hear, what we tell you is not always true.

Ask yourself « Is it true or not ? » and it will help you to not get into trouble (even if it can happen).

Yiming and Alicia