Time Capsule research work

I chose a Time capsule from 1916 that was buried in Saratoga springs, New York by a bank. It was opened in 2016.

It contains pictures of the town, a letter from the president of the bank and old coins. One of the objects surprised the people that opened it, it was a 10 cent bill. It was probably from the civil war in the 1860s because after that, paper bills of a value under 1 dollar were almost nonexistent. So when the capsule-makers of 1916 included this 10-cent bill, they were putting in something that was already old to them.

Recently, The bank  buried another time capsule in which the current bank president included a letter to the future. However, he doesn’t believe we will still be using cash but instead credit cards.


                                                                                                        A 10 cent bill.


Here are some of the other bills worth less than a dollar:


                                                                                                        A 25 cent billRésultat de recherche d'images pour "25 cent bill"


A 3 cent billRésultat de recherche d'images pour "3 cent bill"


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