The Turnabout Family

«Pearly, wake up, Please… PEARL!»

Mia and Maya were terrified. They shook blindly their little cousin who was on the table, but no response. Maya’s brain wasn’t functioning anymore. She didn’t understand what was going on: Pearl had just taken a bite of her meal, then she fell and started coughing up blood. Snapping out of her trance, Mia picked her phone up and immediately called the hospital.

After what seemed like ages waiting, the doctors said sadly that the little girl could die because she had been poisoned. That was a murder attempt! Mia was honestly wondering who in the world would want to kill Pearl, a nice little girl, barely nine years old who didn’t have any enemies. A few moments later, she decided to call inspector Gumshoe to shed more light on the matter. He accepted to investigate the case and started to search some suspects.

« Did your cousin go somewhere this day? » the detective asked. « That could help me. »

« Yes, she went t-to the concert of the Gavinners with a friend… with Ema. E-Ema Sky, » Maya. sobbed.


Gumshoe went to Gavin’s villa to obtain more information. Unfortunately, he was at the prosecutor’s office, so he decided to call him. After two rings, he picked the phone up.

« Hello, who is it? » Gavin asked in his usual joyful voice.

« It’s Detective Gumshoe, pal! I’m reporting a murder attempt, sorry’ Gumshoe said seriously.

The noise behind Gavin stopped suddenly and Gavin said with a respectful voice:

‘I’m listening inspector, if I can help you to catch a criminal.’

‘Sorry to say that, but you are a suspect in this case.’

‘What!?, Gavin said ‘hu, fine, what am I suspected for?’

‘A little girl with some weird clothes named Pearl Fey went to a concert and she apparently had a private conversation with you for an autograph.’

‘Ah, Pearl… Yes I saw her for a few minutes with this girl… Sky, I think, but why are you asking me that?’

‘She is the victim in this case and she has been poisoned. I have been told by your housemaids that you were ill this days and took a lot of medicine, did you?’

‘Yes, but when I saw her, I didn’t even touch her!’

‘Can someone prove it?’

‘Okay, listen mate, I have to go just now. If you want evidence, go ask a guy, named Larry. You should find him at my next concert, in a half hour.’

‘Okay sir, thank you very much for answering my few quest…’


Gavin suspiciously ended the conversation.


As Gavin told him to do, Gumshoe went to the concert, wondering where he could  find a certain “Larry”. When he saw him, Larry was waiting for the arrival of the Gavinners. Gumshoe approached him and said:

‘Excuse me, are you Larry Butz?’

‘Yep, that’s me, what do you want?’

‘I heard that you filmed Mr. Gavin a few days ago.’

‘Yeah, I had the chance to film him when he was autographing some papers.

‘Did you notice something odd?’

‘Let me see…’

Larry took the film out and showed it to Gumshoe.

‘I think there is nothing weird inspector.’

‘You’re right. I’m back to square one…’

‘I’m sorry for you.’

‘Goodbye Butz.’

‘My pleasure.’


As Gumshoe was lost, he thought about what Maya had said and remembered that there was another suspect in the case: Emma Sky, the girl who accompanied Pearl at the concert. Indeed, why hadn’t he thought about it before? He immediately ran to the first phone booth he saw and called Sky.

‘Hello, please can I confirm that you are Mrs. Emma Sky?

‘Yes I am, and you are..?’

‘S-sorry, I am inspector Dick Gumshoe’

‘Oh gosh, have I done something wrong?’

‘Nothing I think… You see, I am working on a matter and you are a little bit involved.’

‘Okay… please go on.’

‘Do you remember, a few days before, you and a girl named Pearl went to the concert of the Gavinners ? You see, Pearl as been poisoned and sh…’

‘Pearl ? Poisoned ? Oh my god that is horrible!’ whined Emma.

‘Yes, I am sorry for her…’

‘Excuse me… And what happened next?’

‘We are searching the culprit. What did you do precisely when you were with the victim?’

‘Hum, we walked to the concert, and watched it. Pearly insisted on getting an autograph so we waited, hum for about ten minutes in the line and saw Gavin. Then, Maya and Mia got their cousin back and I went home.’

‘Okay, thanks.’

‘I just need to clarify something. Am I a suspect?’

‘Yes. I know that you are working as a scientist. You could’ve put some chemicals products in her food.’

‘Pathetic. I lost my job two weeks ago because of a robbery. The police are investigating the place so we can no longer work there.’

‘I didn’t know, sorry. I will inform you if I have any news. Thanks for answering my questions.’

‘That was nothing.’


Gumshoe was desperate. His only suspects had strong alibis. So he decided to ask Mia if she had any news.

‘Hum, don’t really know… I have someone but I don’t think she could do it…’

‘Go ahead, it could help me.’

‘You know, Pearl had a sister called Dahlia Hawthorne. This sister hates her so much that she could have killed her. I didn’t want to say it ‘cause this girl is actually in jail… because of her ancient crime.’

‘Okay, seems delicate.’

‘I hope I helped you.’

Gumshoe went to jail to visit the prisoners. He asked if it was possible to see our new suspect. edDahlia walk to Gumshoe, and looked at him with an angelic smile.

‘Hello sir, I heard that you called me?’

‘Yes. But, I’m surprised you’re here. A fragile and young beautiful women like you. We cannot rely on appearances…’


‘M-Miss Hawthorne?’

‘If you wants to accuse me for things you can’t prove I did, either you go, or I kill you.’

‘Calm down please miss, I didn’t want to accuse you, I just wanted to ask you some questions.’


‘Okay. Have you been staying here for the past few days?’

‘Where do you want me to go?’

‘But, are there any witnesses?

‘I don’t need to have witnesses.’


‘Because if I get away from here, someone will notice it.’

‘Poor excuses. I will ask the policeman.’

‘If you want to loose your time, your an idiot.’

‘Thank for answering my question.’


As he was there, Gumshoe decided to question the policemen. He stated that there wasn’t any guards two days before the murder attempt and two hours before the robbery of Emma Sky’s job. The police thought that the robber worked alone and he robbed some strong medicine.

Gumshoe immediately understood who was the criminal.

And you ?

By Loreine 4e3