The trilogy Matched, Crossed, Reached

These books were written by Ally Condie, an American writer for teenagers. She wrote many books but the most famous are these ones which were published between 2010 and 2012.

I enjoyed reading this trilogy because it’s a very interesting story. Moreover the writer has a good way to relate the story.

Matched is about a girl who lives in a « perfect » society where everything is under control. The story takes place in the future, after a big world war. 

The system was put in place by leaders: the Officials, their role is to make decisions about every aspect of your life:

-what you eat ( there are rations/portions adapted for one person and his body)

-where you will work

–  you future wife/husband

– there’s a maximum age to have a baby (you are not allowed to have more than two children)

– everyone dies when turning 80

This society promises that nobody will be sick and will die of a disease.

A girl named Cassia has a peaceful life until she falls in love with a boy who wasn’t her future husband. She started to see the truth about this system which wasn’t as perfect as the Officials told her.

This book shows all the aspects of this system to warn us about our current society and even our future society, about not being under control and being free. 


I hope you will feel like reading these books 😉 .



Angélica 3*6