The Seven Birds

A long time ago there was a princess named Jessica. She had long wavy brown hair and black eyes. Jessica was very kind and pretty.

One day she walked in her garden and she sat next to an apple tree. Jessica was reading her Book when she saw a bird and got closer. She thought the bird would fly away but it didn’t. On the contrary, it got closer!

The bird said « Hi my princess »

Jessica was really confused.She answered « how….how can you talk ? «

The bird said « I’m not just a bird ,I’m your perfect prince « .
Jessica looked confused again and said «then prove it ».

The bird looked at her and smiled « Princess you will meet six other birds and spend a day with them ».

The first day was with the first bird named Jin. The first day with Jin was really bad because he was just talking about himself.

So the princess told him that she didn’t like him and the bird said «  You don’t know what you miss. Oh and you will meet the second bird named Jacob » . He flew away.

The second bird named Jacob arrived. Jacob was very kind but he was always dancing. The bird Jacob flew away and said «  you will meet the 3rd Bird ! «

The 3rd bird’s name was Jimmy It was too shy so the princess said « thank you next! » .

The 4th bird was named Vic. He was too rude and he judged the princess clothes and hair.

The fifth bird was named John , he was too smart for the princess but she liked him (just a little bit ).

The sixth bird was named Kookie. He was cute, funny, shy but that’s wasn’t the princess type .

The last bird was named Suga he was the most serious Bird , she was always smiling at him and she liked him a lot. She chose Suga and suddenly Suga turned into a handsome prince.

They lived happy ever after.