The Scandal of the Pentagon Papers

During the Vietnam war, the USA supported the South Vietnam, and the North Vietnam was supported by the Chinese and Russia. The USA were losing the war but none of the Presidents of the USA wanted to quit the war so young soldiers died for nothing. But Daniel Ellsberg (a military analyst) gave a secret document proving they were losing the war to the New York Times and they decided to publish the document, nevertheless President Nixon sued the Times. Meanwhile, Katharine Graham (the director of the Washington Post) heard about the scandal, someone gave her the papers and  she decided to publish them. This action symbolizes  the freedom of  women and is an act of bravery, because Nixon also sued the Washington Post so if the Washington Post lost the trial Katharine Graham would have lost everything, moreover a lot of men could have lost their job. But the newspapers won the trial. 

   To conclude, in my opinion this movie is an example of the role (the power) of the press in the USA, this power is to balance the justice between the people and the politicians, moreover the press should tell the truth to the people, and it’s for that reason I like the actions of Katharine Graham.To me it’s a good movie because it’s a true story and I like this scandal. Moreover, I like the suspense of the movie. 

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