The princess and the poison


A long time ago, a royal family lived in a castle. The Queen, Meghan, was dead, there was only the king, Harry, the princess and the governess. The princess didn’t behave like a princess. The princess, Kate didn’t obey her governess, she didn’t stand up. straight and she didn’t respect table manners. Kate was ugly, she had black hair, black eyes and she was fat and small.                                                                   One day, she decided to go in the woods. Suddenly she fell on a bramble.

  « Ouch !!! » Kate shouted.

A prince approached the princess.

« Do you need help ? »the prince asked.

« Yes, please »  Kate said.

« Do you want me to take you home ? » the prince said.

« Yes, it’s kind of you ! » the princess replied.

And they galloped to the castle.

« Actually, we didn’t introduce ourselves » the prince said.

« I’m the princess of England. And my name is Kate, and you ? » asked the princess.

« I’m the Prince of Scotland, and my name is William » he answered.  The King thanked the prince for his kindness, and he invited him in their castle.

During the meal, the princess turned into a beautiful princess.

« Oh my god! What is that!? »

The king was afraid, so he called the doctor.

The doctor arrived very fast, and he announced « When Kate fell on a bramble, a poison went into her skin, so she turned into a beautiful princess. Since that day, Kate has become beautiful, she has behaved like a princess, obeyed her governess, she stands up straight and she respects table manners. William often visited the family and one day he came with a ring and proposed to her. Kate accepted and they lived happily ever after.


Julie et Sarah