The King Of Pop

Michael Joseph Jackson was born on August 29th, 1958 in Gary (Indiana) and died on June 25th, 2009 in Los Angeles (California). He was a singer, a dancer and an actor.

Michael grew up in a big family. They were nine. When he was eleven years old, his father, Joseph Jackson, created the band « The Jackson Five ». First, they sang in nightclubs and bars. One day, they were spotted by a producer who decided to produce them. Since that day, they’ve become famous in America. But one of them was different, he was the little Michael Jackson!


Then, he started a solo career when he was 11 but he continued to perform with his brothers. In 1971, he really started his solo career with his first album: Off the wall (1979). Next, Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), History (1995), Blood on the dance floor (1997) and then the last one Invincible (2001).

Thriller is now the album he sold the most in the world. In 1980, he became a worldwide celebrity thanks to Off the wall which was a real success. Michael was immediately renamed the King Of Pop.

He loved dancing, he danced all the time! A lot of people remember him thanks to that. Even if he didn’t invent it, he made the « Moonwalk » dance famous.

Personal Life:

He married Debbie Rowe who is Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson (18) and Michael Joseph Jackson’s (19) mother. We don’t know who is Prince Michael Jackson II’s mother (14).

Physical Changes:

His nose: his father couldn’t stop making fun of his nose. In the end, he was hung up about that, so he had surgery.

His skin: Michael had a skin disease (Vitiligo). His doctor gave him a cream which whitened his skin.

Did you know that?

On June 25th, 2009  the media announced his death. Apparently, he died of overdose, but it’s still strange…



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