The Kidnapping

Tuesday at 3:30 am, Kate Mckerslen came from finishing her job at the hospital as a nurse, she looked forward to go back home but she wanted to fill some gas up. When she arrived at the Texaco’s petrol station, the employee was listening music on his phone.10 minutes later, Kate disappeared and the employee didn’t notice she was gone, but why had she left without her car ?

At 3:47 am, the employee saw that she had disappeared and decided to call the police.

Later, at 4:24, Mr Mckerslen was called by the police about his wife. But he couldn’t go to the petrol station because the policeman said that it was too dangerous.

The next morning, he went to the police station to prove that he was not guilty.


Charles Boyle, the detective wanted to speak to Mr. Mckerslen.

‘Hello Mr. Mckerslen, I’m sorry for your wife but where were you when the kidnapping was committed?’

‘I was at home and was reading a book’

‘At 3:00am?’

‘I’m an insomniac’

‘Well, and when did you see her for the last time?’

‘Before she went to work’

Were your children sleeping?’

‘Yes, they went to bed at 8pm’

‘What proves that you were at your house that night?’

‘My wife and I have got only one car for both of us’

‘Mm…Thank you for your honesty’

‘It’s your turn Mrs Evy Brown, so what were you doing that night ?’

‘I was at my boyfriend’s house for a party’ she said crying.

‘And when did you go back home?’

‘I went back home at 3:40am’

‘Did you have a fight lately?’

‘Yes, but it was not serious’

‘What for ?’

‘Because she didn’t like my boyfriend’

‘What proves me that you didn’t kidnap her ?’

‘You can ask my boyfriend and the people who were at the party and they will tell you that I was at the party until 3:40am »

‘Ok,thank you.’

And Evy left the room.


‘Hello Mr Scott, I have some questions for you, when did you see that the victim, Mrs McKerslen had disappeared? »

‘I noticed her absence at 3:43am.’

‘Mm..ok..How do you know that she has been kidnapped?’

‘ Because I saw her car without her and it seemed strange. »

‘Do you know her?’

‘no..l don’t know her.’

‘ What were you doing when she was kidnapped? »

‘ I was outside to get some fresh air, you know, it’s horrible to stay all day long in a room.’

‘ And you didn’t hear her cry ?’

‘ No I was listening to music ‘

‘ What proves me that you didn’t kidnap her?’

‘I didn’t kidnap Kate because I don’t know her! »

‘ Are you sure?’


‘Thank you for answering, goodbye Mister Boyle’.


So who do you think kidnapped Kate ?


By Lavine and Angelica