The hidden treasure

Once upon a time a very poor family lived in a little house. They were four in their family :  the father was James, he was tall and he worked in a coal mine. He had a wife : her name was Alison, she was a housewife. They had two children, their names were Michael and Williams, they did not go to school. One day the little boy Michael said : << Why can’t we go to the beach ? >>. The mother said : << It’s too long to go there >>, the mother was speaking when the tax controller knocked at the door. << Hello guys, I am sorry but you didn’t pay your tax, I must take your home ».

One hour later…

The children were crying when the mother said : << Don’t cry, let’s go to the beach. >> It was far away but they got there. The boys were very happy and they ran to the beach. They were playing in the sand when the boys found a treasure full of money! They called their mother. They were rich now so they bought a new house and they lived happily ever after.