The hidden power!

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Hayley. She was crying because she was lost in the forest. A boy came to see her and asked her « why are you crying? »

Hayley said « because I don’t know how to come back home. » Liam was sad for her, he took off her tears but then…. the tears became magical and transformed the boy into a charming Prince. Hayley was shoked about what she did to the boy, so she ran away but Liam caught her and he said  » I can help you find your way back home. »

Hayley answered  » Are you sure about that?  »

And the prince replied  » Yeah trust me!  »

After a while they arrived back to Hayley’s house, Hayley thanked Liam and said « If you want we can see each other tomorrow. » The Prince agreed.

So that’s how the night ended. The next day,  Hayley woke up thinking about what she did yesterday to Liam, she wanted to find out how she did it. So she went to a witch and asked her if she knew about this kind of magic. The witch said « Oh! This is the kind of magic I was searching for a while. »

Hayley answered « What do you mean? » « But the witch didn’t say anything and locked the door. Then she offered Hayley a glass of water but the wicked witch put poison in her glass. Hayley drank it and she fell on the floor. The wicked witch tried to take Hayley’s power but she failed, so she ran away. After a few hours the prince was walking in the forest when he saw the wicked witch house. So, he entered the house but he was shocked when he saw Hayley on the floor. He cried and cried and his tears fell on Hayley’s face, but then she woke up a princess and got scared.

Liam was happy and tried to calm her down, and he kissed her. The prince explained to Hayley what happened and what he did. Hayley was shocked because Liam saved her the same way she had saved him, with her tears. The princess and the charming prince lived happily ever after in a big castle loving eachother.


                                      By: Princess and Alessia