The Grinchford

This monster is called the Grinchford. It is said to have the horn of a bull, the head of a tooth, the hands of an owl,  the skin color of a bee and finally the legs of a wolf. It lives in a forest where he usually transforms into a little cute happy creature which you can see smiling at you at first. But then, if its eye catches yours, it is known to transform into a ruthless monster which would kidnap you, rip  you apart and eat you up. So be careful because you could easily be manipulated by the mischievous Grinchford. The legend says that he was once a predator in a small village. The locals loathed and were afraid of him because every night he would go from house to house to steal and devour the animals from the people’s gardens. This happened day and night and when the locals couldn’t take it anymore they decided to build a huge wall so that the Grinchford would stay in the forest for ever.

Alessia, Elée, Princess