The European Class meet their American Penpals

On March 14th, Mrs Torrelli and Ferrand took us to the train station at 1.00 p.m to meet our penpals who came from Utah in the U.S.A and who paid about 3000€ each for the trip !

They were 6, a girl  named Kelly, five boys named Noah, Luke, Sanders, Spencer and Ashton and their French teacher Mr Proffit. Then, we visited Cannes together and we showed them some French luxury shops like Dior and Chanel and luxury hotels like the Carlton. We also had a walk on the Croisette and took them to the Palais des Festivals and the Suquet.

Later at 3:30 p.m we came back to the middle school with our penpals and we had a snack. First, we explained  them how our school system works  and compared it with theirs .

Then, by groups we showed them the school around and we explained them how to use our timetable. They did the same and drew their timetable on the board so we could compare them. There are some differences ; for example we have one hour and a half for lunch time whereas they  only  have 30 minutes. They also start earlier than us (some start school at 7.00 am !) but finish at about 2.00 pm.

To finish, our penpals had to catch a train back to Nice so we took them to the train station.


We took some pictures with them and said goodbye, we were quite sad to see them leaving so soon !
This day was wonderful and full of surprises thanks to Mrs Torrelli whom we thank a lot.

Asma and Shérazade.