The amazing initiative : Let’s move !

The amazing initiative of Michelle Obama to save the kids from obesity  !   

    The name of the initiative is «Let’s Move ». First,  Michelle Obama created this initiative because she didn’t want kids to be overweight. You must know that in America 1 kid in three is obese or overweight. Today more children suffer from obesity than before because before kids walked to go to school contrary to now they take a bus or a car. Plus, they snacked 1 time a day whereas now they snack 3 times a day.


Moreover she created this initiative because before going to the White House she didn’t have time to cook fresh food, so her family often ate fast food or pizza. She finally saw the effects on her family particularly on her kids.


So she thought of this initiative to help the parents to make healthy dishes for the kids at home. Then, Michelle Obama wants kids to have healthy food at school and  she doesn’t want  healthy food to be expensive. Finally, she wants kids to practice sports.

To conclude, the aim of « let’s move » is to improve the eating habits of the American kids and so far it has been a success !

By Mattéo D. 4e5