Superheroes rock !


En anglais nous avons créé des familles de Super-Héros en groupe puis nous les avons présentées à l’oral. A la fin de toutes les présentations nous avons voté pour la meilleure famille et le plus beau poster, Mme Torrelli a dû nous départager. Voici un aperçu des familles gagnantes :

The Freckles Family


First, her name is Ginny Lewis and she is 32 years old. She was born in Scotland but she lives in America, in New York.

Then, she is Alex’s wife and she is Brandonn and Lilly’s mother. She is tall, slim, she has got long ginger hair and freckles. She has got blue eyes and fair skin. Her suit is blue and orange with a long orange cape and blue and orange boots . She has got orange gloves and a blue mask. Ginny can fly and master the nature and the animals. She can fight a little.

Finally, she likes French and Japanese food, small towns and she likes her children very much, but she hates donuts and mice. She is calm and polite but she sometimes gets angry. She is funny, smarter than Thor and cooler than the Joker. Ginny is more beautiful than the Hulk.


First, her name is Lilly, she is 13 years old  and she is American .

Ginny is Lilly’ s mother .

Then, she has got blue eyes and ginger hair.

She has got black boots and  blue pantyhose , an orange shirt , an orange mask and black gloves .

She can control time and she can fly.

Finally, she likes flying and using magic but she hates swimming .

She is stonger than Catwoman .


First, his name is Brandonn Lewis. He is 13 years old. He is American so he is from America. Brandonn is Lilly’s brother and Ginny’s son. He has got short ginger hair with a flock of hair, blue eyes, freckles and he is of medium size. Then, his suit is blue and orange with an orange belt, he has got blue boots and an orange cape. He can teleport and he can fly.

Finally, He is funny and courageous but he is stubborn and messy. He likes reading comics but he hates singing and dancing.

Finally, Brandonn is cooler than Batman and  is braver than Superman.


The TeamFire Family


First, his name is Roger and he is thirty-eight years old.

He is from the United States of America so he is American.

His birthday is on July, 9th.

Roger is Oceane’s father and Jennifer’s husband.

Then, he is very intelligent, courageous and generous.

He can hypnotize people and shoot fire with his eyes.

He has got short blond hair, green eyes and he is slim.

He has got yellow pants, brown shoes and red pockets.

Finally, he likes playing tennis and playing the guitare.

Roger is smarter than superman but Batman is braver than Roger.



Frist, her name is Océane, she is eighteen years old.

Océane is American and she lives in the United States of America.

She is Jennifer’s daughter and Will’s sister.

Then, she has got a small nose, blue eyes and long black hair.

She has got a red skirt, a yellow belt and brown boots.

Océane can master water and fire.

She is intelligent, courageous and generous.

Finally, she likes camping and swinging but she dislikes villains and war.

Océane is smarter than quicksilver and  cooler than batman.