Sortie au musée national du sport

Last Thursday, we went to Nice to visit the National Sport Museum. The museum is located next to the Allianz Riviera Stadium. Many sports were represented and we could see many documents, objects such as French National team sport jerseys, the first bicycle adapted objects for disabled people etc…

First, we visited the museum and discovered the Olympic Games’ history. New sports are regularly added to the Olympic Games. For example, surfing and break dance will be part of the next Olympic Games.

We also learned more about Suzanne Lenglen, who was a French tennis player and a real star. Thanks to her, women started playing tennis wearing comfortable clothes. She was the first to wear a shorter dress, and had to fight to be allowed to play with it because referees were against it. It was a different time. Women were not allowed to show their knees while playing.

We also talked about individual achievements, such as Christian Marty who was the first to windsurf across the Atlantic ocean. It took 37 days to cross the ocean and he succeeded!

Then, we cooked! We made a cereal bar. We had to weigh ingredients such as almonds, muesli, peanut butter and mix them.

Our class really liked this excursion because we learned many things and it was original. We enjoyed discovering sports and cooking! It was so much fun!


By the 4e1