Hello, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite TV series: Scorpion

This series talks about Walker O’brien’s life. He is a genius, he has the 4th highest IQ. When he was young, around eleven, he hacked the NASA, because he wanted the shuttle blueprint for his bedroom wall. Now he brought together several other genius to found his company/team. His team is made up of:

  • Toby Curtis their behaviorist
  • Happy Quinn their mechanical prodigy
  • Sylvester Dodd their human calculator
  • Gallo their government handler
  • Paige Dineen is normal, but her son, Ralph is a genius like them.

The government contacts them to attack the worldwide threat that only them can solve. With all the team members and their diverse abilities they can accomplish everything. Of course they will encounter many problems, they will even see planetary problems but everything can be surmounted.

I really love this series because it’s based on a real story, the main character is real. Then I love this series because we learn many things on chemistry, on mechanic and even on the population ( their behaviour in an emergency etc…).

This series is really interesting and very exciting, I was immediately taken in the story, we quickly get attached to the characters and their story.