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Bobbie and the talking boat

Once upon a time, there was a sailor named Bobbie who built a talking boat. Bobbie had an anchor tattoo on his arm and he was a greedy man, he was also known as a perfect sailor. One day, they decided to go on a sea trip to explore some islands. After several days of sailing they saw one and decided to visit it. Once they reached

the shore, Bobbie jumped off the boat and started to explore the island when some cannibals arrived “Quick”, shouted the boat “come and hide”. Panic-stricken, Bobbie ran back to the boat and hid in it so the cannibals searched the boat but didn’t find Bobbie. “Phew”, said Bobbie “that was close”. But the cannibals were preparing a plot with their chief.

The next day, Bobbie went out to find something to eat. On his way, the cannibals were waiting for him. Once he arrived, they sprang out the bushes and tied him up from head to toe to bring him to their village. When they arrived, the chief prepared boiling water to cook him. Suddenly, the boat screamed so loud that the cannibals became deaf and freed Bobbie that ran to the boat and thanked him for what he had done. They continued their adventure and lived happily ever after.

We should always be careful in places that we do not know.