Was fat or sugar responsible for President Eisenhower’s heart attack?

Hello today I’m going to talk about President Eisenhower and some diseases associated with sugar .

President Eisenhower or David Dwight Eisenhower was born on October 14th 1980, in Denison, Texas.

During World War II, he was Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe. In 1953 Eisenhower entered the presidential race as a Republican .

But during his presidential term Eisenhower had a hearth disease and died because of a hearth attack.

After he died, two theories emerged : some doctors said Eisenhower died because of a high consumption of sugar whereas others said it was because of fat. The sugar theory was dropped and so, fat was held responsible for Eisenhower’s death.

Personally, I think he had a lot of stress too and this could be another reason for his heart attack.

In the following years, the industrial brands decided to reduce the fat in their products (for example low fat yoghurts etc…) but to keep their products tasty, they had to add sugar.

In the European class, we’ve watched a documentary called That Sugar film, which shows the impact of sugar on our health and we’ve learned that sugar is hidden everywhere in our diet and has effects on our health.

A high consumption of sugar can lead to diseases like diabetes and  heart diseases so we should be careful about what we eat and stop eating prepared meals because they are unhealthy.