#PlanesHaveStopped over Scotland – Chapter 5

Previously on #PlanesHaveStopped over Scotland :

…The plane started vibrating, as if an earthquake was happening.

The vibration stopped and, after a couple of seconds, the plane was full of people again, the ice was gone and the plane was flying fast.

Did we do it ? -I asked

-I’m pretty sure we did -Ashley replied

The passengers were looking at us as if we were strangers. They didn’t know what had just happened, they weren’t there to witness it.

-What do we do now ? -I asked

-If you want to go back to your boring life again, that’s your choice but you can always come with me, looking for adventure.

-Yeah, I think I’m going with you -I determined

We got in her car and drove in direction to London.

-London ?

-I heard a plane has stopped over there. -she said, laughing

-Game on.


Lexique :

witness observer/témoigner