#PlanesHaveStopped over Scotland – Chapter 4

The plane door was frozen and couldn’t be opened.

– Let me try. -said Ashley, determined.

She inserted two AA batteries in two blow dryers, one in each hand, and turned them on, close to the plane door. A few minutes later we were finally able to open the door and got in. A man without eyes was standing in front of us, as if he was waiting for us.

– Wh-who are you ? -I asked

– I am Sharbiz, I came to get back what is ours.

Ashley, furious, started to run and kicked the alien man. He shattered into glass.

– Well, the girl knows how to defend herself ! Where did you learn that ? – I asked

– Let’s check the control room. -she said, trying to avoid my question.

This time there was a big red button, right next to the pilot’s seat.

– Big red button. It can basically do two things. Explode this whole thing or turn everything back to normal. -I said, a bit afraid

Do it for the Vine !! -Ashley screamed, pressing the button.

The plane started vibrating, as if an earthquake was happening.

Continues next week…

Lexique :

turn on– allumer

able– capable

ours– à nous

shattered– brisé


whole thingtout l’avion

Do it for the Vineexpression that means « do anything it takes, no matter what, for funny purposes »

earthquake– séisme