#PlanesHaveStopped over Scotland – Chapter 3

…There I was in the middle of the loch, unconscient.

I woke up to the feel of the water on my face. I turned my head and I saw a face. A strange face but with some familiar features.

– What were you doing in the lake ? -she said

– Do I know you ?

– You don’t know ME, but I know you.

– No, I am pretty sure I’ve seen you before. -I said, confused

– You must have swallowed a lot of lake water. -she said , laughing

I got up and looked at the plane. It was still on the same spot and hadn’t moved an inch. I had to get some answers and, down here, I wouldn’t get any

– Get something that can melt ice, we’re going up. -I said, determined

– That doesn’t make sense. I’m going to get some blow dryers I have in my house, I’ll be back in 5 minutes. -responded the girl, already getting in her car

When she got back, we took the blow dryers and started climbing.

– What’s your name ?

– Marin. Ashley Marin.

Lexique :

familiar features– traits familiers

swallowed– avaler

hadn’t moved an inch– n’avait pas bougé d’une oreille

make sense– faire sens/ avoir du sens

blow dryer– sèche cheveux