#PlanesHaveStopped over Scotland – Chapter 2

As I was trying to open the plane door, the wind started to blow stronger and stronger. For a moment, I thought I was going to fall off the ladder and die but I was able to open the door and get in. I was surprised. I could feel the cold through my whole body. The plane was frozen and there was nobody inside. I got to the control room and tried to understand what was causing this abnormality but, surprisingly, it all seemed normal. In a moment, the atmosphere turned colder and the ice grew. I was being trapped. The door was stuck, I couldn’t get out ! The plane was just above the loch so I decided to do it : I broke the front window and, after taking some deep breaths, I jumped, I closed my eyes, and I hoped for the best. As I hit the water, I felt an excruciating pain on my back and I passed out, in the middle of the loch, with nobody watching…

Lexique :

blow– souffler

whole– entier

grew– grandit

trapped– pris au piège

stuck– coincé/bloqué

breaths– respirations

excruciating pain– douleur déchirante

passed out– évanouis