#PlanesHaveStopped over Scotland – Chapter 1

Salut à tous! Voici le premier petit chapitre d’une histoire de science-fiction en anglais que vous pouvez suivre toutes les semaines, ici sur le webjournal des Vallergues. J’espère qu’elle vous plaira!

I heard a scream outside of my house, close to the loch. The little village where I lived was calm and boring and I had never heard of any major crime or mystery so I got curious and decided to go outside and check out what was happening. As I stepped out of my porch I saw a bright light coming from the sky. I looked closer and I saw what looked like…a plane?! I got back inside the house, scared, and I turned on the TV:

Breaking news: All the plains flying above Scotland have stopped.

NASA is already investigating but, unfortunately, we haven’t gotten any reports yet.

Stay away from the planes because we don’t know if or when they’re going to unfreeze.

In a way I was terrified, but I was also excited. My life had always been a bore, always about doing things right, so I decided to investigate. My father had a truck with this huge ladder. I got to the garage, I turned on the engine, I drove it under the plane and I parked it. The ladder was just the right size to climb up to the plane. My adventure was about to begin.


loch= lac

check out= vérifier, jeter un coup d’oeil

stepped out= sorti

investigate= enquêter

stay away= rester eloigné

unfreeze= dégeler

a bore= ennuyeuse

ladder= échelle

engine= moteur

Filipe, 4eme 2