National Sport Museum: How to make your own cereal bar

On  January 30,  we went to the Sport Museum located in Nice to learn how to make a cereal bar.

At first I didn’t know what we were about to do until the guy in charge of this activity gave us the instructions. He told us to form groups of four and explained we were going to make cereal bars, so we were super excited.


To start, we all washed our hands, then one by one we weighed the ingredients and put them in a bowl.

To make a cereal bar you need :

  • A microwave
  • A bowl
  • A kitchen scale
  • A roll of plastic wrap
  • 25 grams of dried bananas (or another fruit)
  • 15 grams of peanut butter
  • 35g or cereals (muesli)
  • 75g or agave syrup
  • 75g of almond paste
  • 150g of almonds

First, put the almonds in a bowl, add the almond paste, the cereals, the dried fruits and the agave syrup, and mix everything. Then, melt the peanut butter in the microwave, poor it over the mixture and mix everything one last time.

Lastly, take some plastic wrap, place your mixture at the center, fold the edges to make a kind of sausage. Then, put it in the fridge all night long.

Don’t forget to eat this bar before you practice a sport !


‘I really enjoyed this trip to the Sport Museum, it was super fan mostly when I made my own cereal bar but the exhibition was also interesting!’  Princess

‘The trip was very nice because I learnt new things like Torball and also how to make a homemade cereal bar’   Fouha

‘I loved this Museum, the woman and the man were super nice and the energy bars very good’ Aya


Article rédigé par les élèves de 4e3