My visit at the chocolate factory.

Dear mom and dad,

I hope you’re doing well.When I went into the chocolate factory, there were five other children with me ;
Charlie was the poorest but he was very kind and respectful.
There was Willy Wonka, the owner of the chocolate factory, he is the craziest person on earth.
There was Veruca, a spoiled and rich little kid, she gets everything she wants only by screaming and she is English
There was Mike who is a really geek, Violet who is super competitive and more ambitious than Augustus.
Augustus is really greedy and he fell into the chocolate river, the scenery was beautiful.
There was a chocolate river and a chocolate waterfall, you could eat the grass and trees.
So, when Augustus fell into the chocolate river, a big pipe sucked him and his mother tried to get him back. After this we went to see how chocolate was wrapped by androids which were incredibly fast, after we visited the owner’s office. Three children got lost Mike, Veruca and Charlie.
There were only me and Violet, but she was being obstinate so she ate something she shouldn’t have and she instantly turned into a spaghetti. So I was the last one and I won the price : 1 Million $ !

Bye, love you Mom and Dad