My training session with the elderly

The company

I did my training session in a retirement home. Its name is «Les Gabres».

I chose this company because I didn’t find anything else and my mom worked there so I thought it could be interesting to discover the working world in that place.

The staff

I was working in a team. The employees were welcoming and nice. There was a really good atmosphere and I loved it. Even if I don’t really like the « professional field » of the elderly, they made me appreciate my training session.

Working conditions

During my training session I did some tasks such as reading the newspaper to the people, making Christmas pastries, making little bags containing gifts for the residents.

I also had to set the table with a tablecloth, I played boardgames, gave the mails and did many other activities to entertain the people.

Every afternoon we played boardgames with the residents. There were very good tasks, but sometimes it was tiring. Nevertheless I liked it.

All the tasks were interesting. The elderly participated and that was very interesting.

I only found it boring when I had to walk up and down the stairs because it was tiring.


To conclude, I had some difficulties at first with the residents because they were heavy to carry , they spoke loudly and slowly.

It taught me autonomy, patience, to take on myself, and that the working world is not always easy.

I really recommend this company even if at the beginning I did not want to go there because in the end I wanted to stay. The staff was welcoming but there were also lots of activities to do, we did not get bored.

Personally I wouldn’t like to work there. I don’t really know what I want to do, I’m thinking about it.