My training session

I did my internship in Le cannet
It was in a pharmacy named «Pharmacie du Casino».

I chose to do my internship in a pharmacy because I have often thought about doing a job related to medicine but I had a lot of doubts because I also love litterature. So I thought this internship could help me decide what I want to do in the future.

It’s a big pharmacy so there are a lot of employees, we couldn’t count them but they were all very nice with me and my friend who was doing her internship there as well.
The first day, I was with a pharmacist who explained me how they work in the pharmacy:

They all work in this same pharmacy but they all do different things :
-There are people who help the customers
– People who have to store the products
-People who are at the checkout.

They have a very big room at the top of the pharmacy that they call “dump”. It’s the place where they put the new products when they arrive. In this “dump” there are several categories for example there is the sport category where there are only sports products, the baby category, the beauty category …
it is also the same in the pharmacy downstairs where everything is organized , for example at the entrance of the pharmacy there are shower gels and after the creams ….

I helped them store the products in the pharmacy and in the dump, I put antitheft device on products and I especially learned, understood and observed how this pharmacy works.
It was really interesting because I learned many things about pharmacies, the pharmacists are nice and warm with everyone, they helped me a lot.

I really liked the internship but not enough to make me want to become a pharmacist.