My training session

Hi, today I’m going to talk about my first training session.

First of all, I did my training session in a Pharmacy which is located in 5 rue Meynadier Cannes 06400. Pharmacie Meynadier is the name of the company, it is divided into 2 spaces: the Pharmacy and the Parapharmacy. The Parapharmacy space is at the front of the shop. There you can find the soaps, deodorants, creams, oils, make up. At the back of the parapharmacy, there is the pharmacy where all the medicines, vitamins, first aids, essential oils, baby things are located.

At the beginning, I wanted to do my training session at the vet’s because I would like to be a vet, but they didn’t accept me because they were too busy.

There are 7 employees, Mr Khater, the owner and the pharmacist, Alain, another pharmacist. Élodie and Nicole are  pharmaceutical assistants and Camille is an apprentice. Edwige and Alexia are counsellors in the parapharmacy. I was working on my own. There was a very good relationship between the employees. I felt very useful.

During my training session I did a lot of things, I moved forward the medicines so people can see them, I took the stocks to put them in the shelves.

I worked from 10am to 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm everyday. The tasks that were given to me were easy.

an antitheft

I loved putting the antitheft on every item. I didn’t like moving forward the medicines because I did it everyday so it was boring.

 Finally,  I loved my training session because the employees were very kind, I was just tired because I was standing the whole day. I learned that being a pharmacist is very difficult because you should know what all the medicines contain. I would clearly recommend this company to another student because it was wonderful. Maybe I could work in a pharmacy but right now I still want to be a vet…