My training session.

Hello ! First, I did my training session in a real estate agency. It is at the Suquet. I chose to do my training session there because I think that real estate is interesting.

There are 3 people who work in this agency. Their names are Nathalie, Cathy and Romain. Every day, I worked from 9 am to 2 pm then from 2h30 pm to 5pm. Cathy told me to look for apartments in Le Suquet and we visited them.

I also created a sale poster for a garage and they liked it.On  Wednesday, we visited 3 apartments for an interested customer. Among the 3 apartments, I prefered the first one because it was bigger and there were more colors. Nathalie showed me how to make a sale mandate and I was able to make one.

It was long but interesting. We visited another apartment, it was falling apart ! There was dirt on the sink and a lot of objects on the table. This apartment belonged to an old lady who died. Cathy and I didn’t want to stay here longer. The rest of the week, I just searched apartments and I met customers who were very nice with me. By the way, everyone was pleasant with me. They kindly welcomed me and I thank them for taking care of me !