My training session

Hello, today I’m going to talk about my first training session.

First of all I did my training session in a hotel called «Hôtel Cannes Gallia », I chose to do my training session in this company because I already knew some people and also because I wanted to know more about the hotel business.

In this company, there are seven employees. I worked with a team but sometimes they asked me to work on my own. Then the employees were very friendly and helpful with me so I was very lucky to have them. I felt really comfortable in this company.

During my training session I had to do several things like cleaning the rooms and staying at the reception. I started working at 9 a.m and I finished at 4:30 p.m. I think they gave me some difficult tasks like making the beds because I had to make efforts to succeed but otherwise I got used to and I ended up succeeding.

To me there is only one very interesting task it’s to know how to welcome people and get along with them but there is also a boring task like staying seated on the chair at the reception while we are waiting for the customer.

To conclude, I did not have any problem during my work experience they took the time to explain me the things well and correctly.

I recommend you this company because they make you feel comfortable and integrated to their team. Unfortunately I would not like to work in this company, because I changed my mind. It’s too difficult so I don’t know which job I would like to do!