My sugar life

Hi! In my article I’m going to talk about the place of sugar in my life.

Since my childhood, sugar has always been a source of pleasure. I never really had a look at my sugar consumption but I should have! I knew sugar was very bad but not that bad!  For a week my class and I tried not to eat candies, sodas and other sweet junk foods. I noticed that my mood changed , I didn’t feel good physically and morally. I wanted sugar, only sugar like in Damon’s experience (That Sugar Film)
I thought it would be much easier.

I can’t say I eat healthily, it’s absolutely false but after I watched the documentary with Damon Gameau, I really want to eat healthy food. I’ve been saying for years that I would change my eating habits but I never did. This time I care about this. I don’t have a special
relationship with sugar but everyday I have a certain amount of sugar and if I don’t take it, my day is totally different.
I learned a lot about sugar and its impacts (fat liver, diabetes, troubles to focus at school)and I sincerely would like bad sugar to be banished from people’s routine to improve our heath.