Mélanie and The Witch

Mélanie and The Witch

A long time ago, two people lived in a small village in Switzerland. Mélanie was a beautiful girl and she had splendid blond hair. Her stepmother was ugly and mean. One day, she asked Mélanie to fetch some wood in the forest. Unfortunately, Mélanie met a witch. Her name was Veronique and she was ugly. She had a wart on her nose!

Mélanie was scared and escaped. One hour later Mélanie went back home. At night Mélanie was cleaning the floor when she saw Veronique through the windows. The witch appeared next to Mélanie and she said: « join me at dusk to the barn ».

Mélanie replied « why? ». but the witch disappeared. The day after at dusk Mélanie went to the barn. She was alone. Two minutes later the witch appeared and tried to kill Mélanie.

A prince was walking in the area and heard a shot. The prince ran to the barn and killed the witch. Mélanie fell in love with him. Two weeks later Mélanie and the prince got married and they lived happily ever after.