May the odds be ever in your favour…

The Hunger games is a dystopian movie which portrays a totalitarian society in which people are no longer free.

Panem is a country surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in North-America which has replaced the USA of today. The capitol is a technologically advanced city where wealthy and powerful citizens live. It is also the headquarters of the government, led by Snow, who rules over twelve districts. People living in the capitol don’t need to work, they wear extravagant colorful clothes contrary to the people living in the districts who wear simple colorless clothes and work in industries. The citizens from the Capitol spend most of their time having fun at parties unlike the inhabitants of the different districts who are not allowed any kind of entertainment and are forbidden to go out of the district they belong to.

The Hunger Games are organized every year by the Capitol to remind the twelve districts who rebelled against the government during the Dark Days, their defeat. It’s also meant to be a form of entertainment for the wealthy residents of the capitol.

In each district, the tributes, a boy and a girl aged between 12 and 18, are drawn by lot at the public ‘reaping’. They will then represent their district during the games and be brought to the Capitol where they will be dressed, groomed, feed and housed in luxurious spaces. A mentor will also give them advice on how to win the games. Right before the opening of the games they will be interviewed and tested to attract a maximum of sponsors who will then help them if they are in trouble during the games.

The rules are simple: the tributes must survive, fight and kill their opponents until only one of them remains. Even if two tributes from the same district survive there must be only one winner but who will be the winner of these 74th annual Hunger Games?

Watch the movie to find out !

By the 3e5 students