Let’s Move !

Michelle Obama wages her healthy war !

The first lady creates Let’s Move!

Let’s Move est un programme qui a pour but de combattre l’obésité aux Etats-Unis. Découvrez ce programme ambitieux, créé par l’ancienne première dame.

Before coming to the White House, the Obama family was like many families in America, they worked hard and tried to take care of their children. The Obama family mostly ate junk food, like fast food, pizza, French fries… After seeing her doctor, Michelle decided to improve her family’s eating habits because she started to see the effects on her kids. They started to eat healthy food. Now, the first lady decides to do the same for the White House and American people with Let’s Move !

There are four components in her programme.

1. She went to school canteens to help; she wants healthier food in schools !

2. She did physical activities like soccer, basketball or football. Children must move more to stay in shape. She wants to increase physical activity !

3. She wants people to afford and have access to healthy food! Some people can’t afford buying organic vegetables, or simply healthy food. Junk food is cheaper and that’s why many families don’t eat healthy food.

4. Finally, Michelle Obama wants to help parents make healthy choices for their children.


For further information, please visit the following website http://www.letsmove.gov