Les légendes de monstres terrifiants

The Kelpie

The Kelpie is a legendary monster from Scotland and here is what his daily routine looks like. In the morning, the Kelpie wakes up and has a shower in the river. Then, he transforms into a tame pony and brushes his mane with a branch. In the afternoon, he traps children and drags them in the water. Then, he brushes his teeth with a seaweed toothpaste. Finally, in the evening, the Kelpie prepares dinner for his friends ( the Pùca, Dobhar Chù and Coblynau).They eat the children’s delicious fingers one by one and pieces of ears too.

Ambre 6e2

The Coblynau

This monster can be found in Wales. He looks like a gnome and he is not that beautiful ! The Coblynau has a lamp, mining tools, a helmet with a candle on his head and knee and elbow protections with a messy beard.

First, in the morning the Coblynau has a bowl of insects as breakfast. He puts some polecat perfume on then, he likes to block up the mines with rockslides to stay alone.  In the afternoon he digs holes with his pickaxe to find some ore and share it with his friends the trolls. Finally, at night he haunts the mine to scare people.

Andréa, Fadi and Elée


The Pùca

In the morning, the Pùca wakes up and has his breakfast. He goes to the toilets and has a blood shower. Then, he dresses up in goat skin. In the afternoon, he chases humans to take their body. He robs the banks and scares animals in the lonesome fields. Finally, in the evening the Pùca eats lizards’ brains and sets traps around his home. Then, he goes to sleep in his bed made of organs.

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