Kehindey Wiley exhibition

Hello, I am going to tell you about the exhibition at « la Malmaison ».

First of all, Kehindey Wiley is a painter who chooses his models in the street after asking them to pose for him in his studio. Then he paints them. He makes sure that the background of his paintings brings out the origins or the country where the person comes from.

Many of his paintings are inspired by ancient times. Kehinde Wiley chooses classical paintings with noble and rich people. Then he replaces them with everyday life people. He also chooses people with other skin colours to raise the question of equality because when he was a child, Wiley was surprised to see only white people on the museum’s paintings. Black people were only represented as slaves.

Now, I’m going to talk about a painting I discovered in the exhibition. I chose the painting that represents 3 Tahitian women who pose with grace and seriously. These women look strong. They are in a place surrounded by several leaves and plants that look like a kind of jungle. During the visit, I learned many things about what the painter did and how he did it.

In my opinion, the idea of ​​choosing ordinary people was very good because nowadays, people are always comparing themselves, as if there were people superior or inferior to other people. The society tends to put people in boxes and therefore categorize them. To me, it is inappropriate to still think like that because we are all humans and equal.