Kehinde Wiley’s exhibition at the « Malmaison »

On Tuesday, October 6th, we went to an art exhibition about Kehinde Wiley at the Malmaison in Cannes with the european section.


This exhibition shows paintings representing different countries like China, Israel, Brazil and France. Wiley’s paintings are huge and colourful, especially the backgrounds. He also did a set of paintings of a Tahitian community named “Màhū”.

We saw some sketches too.

There were not only paintings, there were also some stained glass windows. Most of them were inspired by classic masterpiece from the 18th century.




The following painting was part of the exhibition, and I really like it.


In the foreground we can see a man who is looking at us proudly, in a condescending way. The light is focused on his face, probably to attract the eye on his face. The background is colourful as always with orange circles and black dots.
Moreover, the background overlaps a bit on the person.

I did a sketch and a drawing of it, here they are :










I loved this exhibition because the way Kehinde Wiley shows his models and backgrounds is wonderful. I also like his philosophy about museums, that it represents a society and that’s why we must represent every skin colour.