Kehinde Wiley à l’honneur à la Malmaison

On October 6, the European Section (4éme) went to the Malmaison to discover the amazing work of a famous American artist, here is what they’ve learnt :

As we entered the Malmaison museum a lady welcomed us and showed us around the exhibition telling us the story of Kehinde Wiley and his paintings.

Kehinde Wiley is an American portrait painter. He grew up in a violent atmosphere in a hood of South central Los Angeles where he started studying art at the age of 11 years old. He mainly paints people of color because based on what I heard white people were always the ones represented in the paintings he could see in museums whereas few black people were represented. This artist travels a lot for inspiration and that’s why he always chooses a frame and a background  that represents a specific country he has been to. The exhibition displays a series of paintings called The world’s a Stage : Tahiti, France, Brasil or Israel (depending on the country he chose to illustrate).


Kehinde Wiley is famous for Barack Obama’s official portrait which he painted in 2018


At the end of the tour we were asked to make a sketch of the painting of our choice.