How to live a Healthier Life!

Today, we are in a modern time, technology develops more and more. Nevertheless, many people spend too much time browsing the internet, watching TV or playing videos games. Moreover, we eat delicious food a lot but did you know that these are bad habits which can lead to many diseases such as obesity, diabetes or asthma ?

Nowadays, children or adults love to eat junk food at school and at home, in addition they prefer to take their cars rather than running, walking or cycling which lead you to overweight or lead other diseases.

So, some good advice is available from you :

  • Firstly, you shouldn’t eat large amounts of processed or fast food which is very fatty and contains quick-burning sugar.
  • Secondly, you should cook healthy meals at home instead of eating out a lot because the food at restaurants may be higher in fat and sugar.                
  • Thirdly, you shouldn’t drink too many sugary drinks. However you can try some soy milk or fruit juice.
  • Finally, as regards the lack of physical activity, you should take regular exercise and practice sports if you want to stay in shape.


At the end, if you know how to get healthy eating habits, you can learn from your family and advise your friends to eat balancefood and get moving more!