How to improve your English

You want to improve your English but in a different way? Here’s a list!


Listen to native English speakers, take notes on how they pronounce their words or how they say certain things. 

  • Of course there isn’t an easy way to get hold of a native English speaker in person, since, we are in France. So I advise you to watch English speaking YouTubers  ! Since they are always available. If you’re having trouble understanding them you can always turn on subtitles, in French or English. If you can’t find any YouTubers to watch here’s people I recommend you watch:
  • JaidenAnimations, she makes story time animations about her daily life. (Subtitles available)
  • TommyInnit, he’s loud, he’s British, he’s 16 ! What makes him even more relatable ? He plays Minecraft.
  • Eat Sleep Dream English, an actual English teacher ! He’ll teach you things from how to imitate Emma Watson’s accent to 10 Idioms you would like.
  • If you’d rather listen instead of watching then I suggest listening to podcasts !

Watch movies in English with English subtitles.

  • My grandmother learnt French watching films subtitled in French so it should be the same the other way round!

Have a notebook in which you write new words you’ve learnt.

  • It’s always good to have a rich vocabulary in any language you’re currently  learning, here’s a new word : antidisestablishmentarianism.
  • You should write the translation and note down some example to be able to use it in a sentence.

Read books for children.

  • We all start somewhere, like in your mom’s womb. It’s good to practice reading comprehension.

Try to always use English.

  • « But I don’t have anyone to speak English with! » You can always find Discord server made for people who are still learning English.
  • If you don’t know what Discord is, you can read this article!
  • The easiest way might be to participate in your English class though !


Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been exposed to the English language, through school of course, but also the internet! We all know most of the people on the internet use English as the main source of communication.  So I self-taught myself English. I think everyone should learn just a little bit of English Since it has so many uses whether it’s to help a confused tourist or speaking with people online.

Good luck!