FRANKENSTEIN : The film poster

Film poster

This is a film poster. The film director was James Whale. He shot the film in 1931.
At the top of the poster we can see blood and a monster’s head. The blood is crimson and scarlet red. It is dripping.
The monster is green, his hair is black, he looks depressed and tired, and he has wrinkles. He has a stud put through his neck and a scar on his forehead.
Beneath his face is the title Frankenstein, a woman is lying on it. Maybe she is dead. The woman is red and the title is green.
At the bottom, there is a cemetery with two people. We think they are Victor and Igor. They are digging up a tomb. There is a skeleton with a sword. It represents death. The cemetery and the people are green, the sky is red and the clouds are dark.
The atmosphere is scary and heralds a horror story.

Sami, Sofia, Erika 3e2