The story took place in Germany, in Ingolstadt. Professor Fleischflayer was a scientist and his daughter was in love with Victor, his student. They conducted an experiment together on a monkey, they killed him to see if they could revive him, but he didn’t survive because he was too big, so they tried on something smaller: a snake! But the snake was evil when he came back to life, he bit Elizabeth’s father so that he died.
Victor then tried another scientific experiment on a body. Igor was his assistant in this experiment, so to help him he brought him dead body parts. Igor was strange because he drank blood and vomit and he ate body parts. The experiment succeeded and the body was brought to life, but the man was a monster who acted strangely. He killed Igor, Victor’s partner, then he left and he found an old man who was a blind violinist. The monster was confused by the music, he loved it and he considered the old man as a friend, but he lost control of himself and he killed his daughter Justine. Then he left, but when Victor came, someone saw him and he thought that Victor was the murderer. So Victor was arrested and he went to jail but the monster came to kill the policeman and took him out.
The monster eventually asked Victor to bring back to life a female monster like him, who would understand him, and then he would live happily. But instead of that, the villagers attacked Elizabeth, they shot her and she died, but when Victor tried to bring her back to life, she became a monster too and fell in love with the first one.