European section for one year, European section forever!

In the European section, we learn about many things (In English of course) but the things we learn in this class are different from the normal English class. The aim of this class is to strengthen and improve our knowledge in English so that we can speak the language fluently and correctly!

We started the European class in 7th Grade (4e) but sadly we will be the last ones to attend this special class because next year there won’t be any European class. We learnt and are learning about legends, culture and other things related to Australia, England, New Zealand, America and other English speaking countries.

This year we have five pen pals from different countries : Canada, Australia, Bolivia and The United-States. We might go to Nice to meet one of our pen pals from Utah.

We sent and are sending letters, photos and videos to each other to get to know one another but we don’t only send this to communicate with them, It is also to improve our English !