Pizza, hamburgers, ice-cream, candies are very tasty but do you know that it is also very bad for your health?

16525-illustration-of-a-slice-of-pizza-with-toppings-pvDo you correctly take care of your body?

Do you know how to stay in shape everyday?

Last week before the holidays, we took a quiz to some pupils about their food habits and they got some points depending on their habits. 

So now, let’s discover their answers!

Pupils’s results:

Yllanna, 13 pts
Adeline, 9 pts
Rhakim, 7 pts

Yllanna has got 13 points, she is a good eater because she rarely eats junk food, she likes apples and bread and she knogoodws how to keep good eating habits. Moreover, she prefers to climb the stairs unlike Adeline, who has got 9 points and prefers to get on the elevator. She is lazier than Yllanna.
They almost have the same eating habits. Nevertheless, Adeline never practices sport whereas Yllanna practices it sometimes.
So, they should take time to exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables. You can be an excellent eater.

As regards Rhakim, he has  bad eating habits because he has got only 7 points: he often eats junk food like hamburger, chips and pizza. Added to that, he watches TV while eating meal everyday, he often snaks between meals and he eats too much salty food. However, he practices sport everyday and that’s great.
I advise him to eat less salty, sweet and fat food for his health but eat more light food which contains vitamins instead of eating junk food.
Finally, he shouldn’t eat while watching TV and keeps on particing sports!

At the end, we questioned our English teacher, Mrs Peron who got 15 points. She is an excellent eater. Even if sometimes she falls for junk food, she respects her body and what her body needs. She practices sport and she should continue. She is the healthiest eater of all. (Teacher is the best!)








HEALTHY FOOD                                                                             JUNK   FOOD                     





Yiming and Alicia