A special wedding


Once upon a time , there was a poor girl who was named Angela. She was the maid of the Gallouz’s family. The older son, William, fell in love with her.

One day, he told her his feelings.. She was very happy because she was also in love with him.

Quickly, they decided to get married but Wiliam’s mother didn’t agree because Angela was an orphan and poor. But William didn’t care about what his mother thought. So his mother, Kate, accepted the wedding.

Four days before the wedding, Angela heard Kate and the wedding planner, Sofia, who were talking about the plan. She rapidly went to say it to her lover. But he didn’t bilieve her because he trusted his mother… he shouldn’t have. So he decided to break up with her. She was sad but she knew the weel of fortune turns. One week later, William discovered his mother and Sophia, who were arguing about the arrangement:

«You don’t pay me!»said Sophia

«But you don’t work’» answered Kate

‘«What is she doing here» The wedding is cancelled! Why do you have to pay her? » intervened William

«Euhhhh…» stuttered Sophia

«NOTHING!!» cried Kate

«She was right»


William was running into the city when he saw her:

«I’m really sorry, I know everything»

He kneeled down.

«Will you marry me?»

«Yess! I’m really happy to see you!»

They got married and had many children.