13 reasons why

Hello, today I’m going to introduce you my favourite series « 13 reasons why ». I chose this series because it is very touching and makes us open our mind to a lots of subjects. It is made up of 3 seasons and we’re currently waiting for the final season.
The producer , Brian Yorker, developed the show based on the novel « 13 reasons why  » by Jay Asher . It deals with many subjects such as harassment, rape, drugs, suicide …
It’s a series exclusively broadcast on Netflix.

Clay Jensen receives a box containing seven cassettes, from Hannah Baker, explaining the thirteen reasons why she ended her life. Each tape corresponds to a person who pushed her to this terrible act. As things progress, Clay will discover that his kind and innocent classmates are not what they seem to be.

The main characters are Clay Jensen played by Dylan Minnette , Hannah Baker (season 1 and 2) interpreted by Katherine Langford, Tony Padilla by Christian Navarro, Jessica Davis, Justin Foley, Alex Standall, Zach Dempsey, Bryce Walker and Tyler Down.
My favorite character is Tyler Down because I think he went through a lot of horrible things like rape, intimidation, harassment, so I sympathize with him. He’s really broken and appealing .

If you take the initiative to watch the series but you have experienced heavy things or you’re just very sensitive or fragile you shouldn’t watch it.

I hope you’ll enjoy the show .

Nina  4e2